Drizzle Not….


         Have you ever met someone who left an imprint on your life? Like he or she just came unexpectedly, yet he made that moment really worth spending with, even if its just for a few minutes?… It’s not every time we appreciate every person we have met, we tend to forget that we’re not the only ones spending a life down here on Earth… and we never know what a simple gesture of appreciation will do to someone….

Rain, please don't go away...

The drumming of rain in my window pain was enoughto wake me up in that one stormy night, it’s not like I’m scared silly by it, because I’m not even alone in the house, but still I’m the only one wide awake at three in the morning. The concept of going back to bed was very enticing, it’s tempting to slouch back and curl up in a defensive ball against the cool night breeze, but something in the rhythmical splat splat drum drum and whoosh whoosh of the wind and rain against the eerily silent and empty seeming house, drove me to get out of bed and write something to get it off my mind…

      His smile was all I could think of that first day of school, a typical start of semester actually, for it to be so wet and raining, too bad i didn’t know who he was, and so I committed his smile to memory, thinking for no apparent reason about some guy I don’t even know.
     “Right a complete stranger in the midst of one rainy encounter,” I mumbled to my self, kicking air in an attempt to look nonchalant.I wasn’t the hi-there-let’s-be-friends type of person back then, and its taking all my resolve to at least answer those that wanted to talk to me. 
      “Smooth move, could you at least try to be friendly with ease this time? for crying out loud you’re in college already,” I thought to myself while a girl wearing a pink hood smiled at me.Nothing was so special during the class hours, what got stuck in my memory was the person I encountered when I was going home that day. I saw a guy crouched low near an acacia tree in the school grounds that afternoon, I didn’t know why I did but i walked towards him and looked at what he was doing there getting himself all wet and cold.
      “What are you doing? You’ll get yourself wet and you might get sick,” I suddenly blurted out before i could even stop myself. The guy looked up, a bit surprised at first but he smiled after seeing me.”Poor thing, I think she’d been here from the start of the heavy rain,” he spoke, pointing at an orange kitten that I was sure to be adorable given the chance to get cleaned. I was so heart stricken, I love cats, who would be so heartless as to leave her die and shiver here, I just thought, seeming at a lost of words in the sadness that was starting to envelope me.”I know, how could someone leave her like this,” he said, having the same thought as mine. 
      I was surprised that a guy of this looks would even bother empathizing with animals, but I was even more surprised when he kneels even lower and touched the kittens furry forehead, it seemed to respond to his touch, even with just the barest hint of recognition, the shivering kitten started to calm down, for a minute there I thought it was too much for the animal to take, but when I heard the kitten’s soft purr and it meowed in its high pitched kitten voice, I almost forgot that it was raining when I let go of my umbrella and crouched beside the stranger, petting the cute orange fur ball that I almost cried for a minute ago.
      “There, there now, don’t cry we’ll find a home for her soon,” he assured me in that same soothing voice, I really can’t help but smile at him, it made me happy just to know that there are still those willing to care for animals.

That memory still brings the goosebumps out of me, it was as vivid as far as memories could go and I can’t blame myself for not doubting what that Julian guy really is, at least he told me a name to call him, I sighed turning off the bedside lamp on my right side.
Placing the pen and the notebook down, I closed my eyes and let the comforting warmth sink in. The rain stopped outside and I was starting to feel the sleepiness return to me when a weight on my foot made me avert my gaze at the end of the bed, I smiled and caressed the soft familiar orange fur that was now at my side, I let drizzles soft fur and comforting purr finally bring me back to sleep.

      How do you show your appreciation for others? That may just be a story I wrote, or it could be true .
While riding on a crowded bus, and an old person got in, but there’s no seat available for him, have you tried standing and giving your sit for someone on a crowded bus?
      On a rainy day, have you shared your umbrella with a stranger who needs a shelter under the pouring rain? What do you do when an old lady is crossing the streets carrying tons of groceries?
      Do you still greet someone with a smile?
      Have you greeted a neighbor with a ‘good morning’ before?
      Have you told you parents that you love them? or even tried saying good night to them before going to bed? What about giving your snack or an extra coin to those asking for alms?
      There are lots of simple things that can make a person happy… 

      Try them, and you’ll see what it means to really feel glad and heart warmed with something you did for someone, without asking for anything in return…


About esterdeluna

Reading... it's a way to lose your self, a way for you to travel, way for you to go to a different time and a different dimension. Writing... it's a way of expressing yourself and opening gateways where people could travel... Just keep on reading and writing and one day your thoughts will lead you to where your heart is... and that's where you're supposed to really be...

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