ANyOne has A TiMe mAcHinE????



 What do you do when you realized you’ve wasted time, doing nothing, or worse complaining???

Feeling like the calendar has been literally ripped off its pages, time and time again we always have to remind ourselves that all of us have 24 hours each day, 7 days a week, 30/31 days a month (well February does have 28 days and 1 more every four years), and 365.5 days a year (the .5 makes up for the additional day in the month of love). So why is it that people always end up regretting things, well not things that they have done (actually, that too) but things that they could have done.

Being a student is tough, being a nurse is tough, being a teacher is tough, a police officer, a computer analyst, a writer, a (well, you get my point I suppose). Life is tough, that all boils down to that, but really do we have to always complain about it?

Let’s see, I last heard a schoolmate complain about all the school projects and exercises their professor told them to do… Really, that’s school isn’t it, you can’t change that… Complain, complain and complain.

What on earth is taking them so long, can’t they call my name sooner?” I heard someone complain in the cooperative, when we were paying for our electric bills (I even end up having the same thoughts as his, whew, good thing a book is always handy. What about you? what’s your time filler?) It’s true, there are a lot of people, but there’s no need to be hasty, that’s just how things run.

     “The weather’s too hot, this is so annoying” that’s what we’d always hear if the rays of the sun would show up behind those white clouds in the middle of the vast blue sky, but then again if it rained “Sheesh, why on earth is it raining? I’m soaked already”. Soooo, where do we go from there? Here’s another one, I bet it’s popular.

     “Ughh, that is one crappy voice,” I’d often hear that along contests, where the audience tend to become a real keen observer when pinpointing flaws. Being in front of the stage is frightening enough already, ever tried standing in front yet? Got the guts to complain, but none to  stand in front and do the same.

     “What a lousy leader she is, keeps on telling us what to do, but couldn’t run things straight as promised.” Some guts they have to complain, after voting for her. Okay, maybe you didn’t vote for her, that still doesn’t give you the right to complain. Have you ever contributed anything to help improve the situation?

     “Oh geez, look at the time, where did it all go?” It’s not time’s fault though, she doesn’t have the privilege to make choices and control her actions. Well, time’s duty is to tell us that another second, another minute, hour, day, week, month or year had passed; and she can’t stop. But we can stop, wasting time and complaining too.

Stop complaining, life had always been like that (why is it that there are people who can’t grasp that though?), time won’t stop when people complain. We can never make up for lost time, it had passed, you can’t bring it back. (Not unless you have a time machine lying around in the attic).

     Make up for lost time??? literally and technically impossible. How about, stop wasting time with too much complaints? At least that’s literally and technically possible.


About esterdeluna

Reading... it's a way to lose your self, a way for you to travel, way for you to go to a different time and a different dimension. Writing... it's a way of expressing yourself and opening gateways where people could travel... Just keep on reading and writing and one day your thoughts will lead you to where your heart is... and that's where you're supposed to really be...

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