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    The 2013 May Election is near, but people are still caught unawares when trying to think of the candidate who deserves their vote. There’s still time for us to rightly choose, but we have to be really careful. To us, one vote may seem insignificant, but in the grand scheme of things that one vote could mean losing or winning to someone.  One wrong vote, added with other wrong votes could might as well be the end of our future as we know it. However, if we all choose wisely, it will not only benefit the present generation, but the future generations as well.

    How are we supposed to pin point which candidate is the right candidate? What you read here is never absolute, these are just things that we should all know and do, so that we would be able to decide in the end who deserves our trust. I still haven’t really decided yet, because I’m still trying my best to see through their popularity, charisma, credentials and smiles. (It’s my first time to vote for the senatorial elections and well, this country deserves the best leaders it could ever have) Just browse through this post and I hope I would be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Your vote matters face_question_mark

“Tama na ‘to, at least hindi ako magsisisi sa huli at hindi ko iisipin na mali pala ang aking ibinoto.”

“This is way better, at least I won’t regret anything in the end and think that I voted the wrong leader.”

This kind of thinking actually has a point, if I don’t shade any of those circles then I won’t be contributing any wrong decisions to my country. But what if we think of it differently, what if we think ahead of the negativity and try to think positively instead.

“Kung ang boto ko ay makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng lipunan, eh ‘di sisiguraduhin ko na ang nag-iisang boto ko na ‘to ay mapupunta sa taong nararapat na manalo.”

“If my vote could help improve society, then I’ll make sure that this one vote will go to the person who deserves it most.”

See through their smiles, speeches & lies question mark face

“Ipinapangako ko na ipapaayos ko ang kalsada sa bayan nating ito, na magkakaroon na ng tubig sa mahal nating barangay…. etc…. etc….

“I promise that if I win, I will help repair the roads in our community, that there will no longer be any problem with the water supply in our barangay… etc… etc…

This is one of the hardest thing to do, because we can’t look into the future and see for ourselves how well our candidates could live up through all their promises. There’s no guarantee that the kind aspiring candidate will become the fair and just ruler he/she has emphasized in his/her speech. That everything in their platform of government will be successfully implemented and that their dazzling smiles don’t hide a cunning interest for the wealth of the people. I am not telling you that we should all think badly of the people who aspires to become our leader, because ALL PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF EVIL, but we should bear in mind that ALL OF US ARE CAPABLE OF GOODNESS AS WELL. So, how do we make sure that when they win they will do exactly as they had promised? It’s actually quite simple, the answer lies in our own hands. We have made it so far as praying for our favorite candidate, why stop when they have already won? We shouldn’t be idle, once they win we have to make sure that they remember every single promise they spoke to the public. How do we do that? We become active members of the society, we participate in their programs, we don’t gossip against them behind their backs, we complain through the right channels (letters, set-up meetings with them) and we must always know which program to support (if you don’t like their proposals, then suggest a better way don’t kill them with malignant words and gossips).

We should also try to be supportive (if not innovative), we should think positively about them, pray for their decisions, talk to them with respect. Bear in mind that they are human beings as well, they also commit mistakes, but it’s up to us if we allow them to commit these mistakes repeatedly.

Know the rules of the game url

These people are veterans in the game of politics, the only way for us to win against their underhanded tactics is to play fair and square.

There are policies that will help us determine who among these aspirants follow the rules and regulations. A GREAT LEADER WILL NOT COME OUT OF A RULE BREAKER. LISTEN TO THE NEWS. BE AWARE OF THESE REGULATIONS. FIND OUT WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE PAST. RESEARCH ABOUT THEIR WHEREABOUTS. The internet is a good enough place to start investigating, but make sure that what you’re reading is legit. Watch the news on televisions and listen to the updates on the radio (not just on their unforgettable campaign ads). Visit websites, learn more about the upcoming 2013 elections. We can never truly tell the difference between their truths and lies, but at least we can find out who broke or followed the rules of this game. COMELEC – DENR on Basura-free campaign – DPWH with COMELEC – DSWD on 2013 elections –

MEET THE PLAYERSfrequently-asked-questions-head-question-mark

Credentials aren’t the only thing that matters, a great leader has to have a good heart as well.

Don’t base your decision on fast spreading rumor, we have the gift of free will. We only have to base our good judgement on precise, well-researched facts and not on the amount of money they can spend for their campaign. Don’t let your judgement be clouded with their smiling faces and awe-inspiring speeches. FIRST WE SHOULD KNOW WHO THE OFFICIAL CANDIDATES ARE. Click these links and get a copy of the list of the official candidates running for specific positions indicated on the webpage. COMELEC – Nacionalista FB page – United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) FB page – Liberal Party FB page – Nacionalista Party website – Liberal Party website –




If you are prepared you are less likely to commit mistakes, than when you are in a cramming-state-of-mind.

So, it is for the best that before that day arrives you already have a list of the candidates that you are going to vote for. Just don’t ever lose that list, your decision is yours and yours alone to make. Know your precinct no. (especially for first time voters, like me ^_^) YOU CAN GO TO THIS LINK ( AND SEARCH FOR YOUR PRECINCT NO., but you can also double-check on the COMELEC office located in your locality. You can also find a sample ballot on COMELEC’s website ( Explore their site and learn more about the upcoming elections, share what you learned to others and don’t ever forget that your vote matters. Well… This is all for now, I guess. Thank you for reading my post, I hope I was able to help and shed even a little light to some of the intuitive thoughts running in your head.

OH WAIT!!! This is the most important of all, without this everything else I have said could still fall into chaos. All of us believes in something, we only need to…


Not just on your candidate, but on yourself as well. Doing something right, even if there are only a few who does so, MATTERS A LOT.


Not just on the complexity and negativity of the minds of the people that surrounds you, but also on the goodness in the heart of each person.


Because on the grand scheme of things only He has the power to change even the darkest of intentions to the purest of souls. Pray, meditate or if you wish, just think positive thoughts.

This simple act of unity can actually be the positive change that we have all been waiting for. Catch up with you later! 🙂


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    • Yeah, the election will be held on May 13, but nope… it’s just the senatorial elections, the president still has 3 more years on his term. Thank you for dropping by and following! 🙂

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