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Website design tips


How you dress always matter, how people look at you and how they perceive you shows a great deal on how people will approach you. If they think you are the type to be friendly and respond to a quick smile at them, then surely they will wave and approach you with a friendly smile as well, but if they think that you are a professional and needs to be approached with caution, especially if your rank in terms of work is higher than them. It goes the same with Website Design as well, create a Website that will capture the attention of internet users and exude the right impression you’d want them to see.

Select a Concept for the Website

What will be the content of the website? If the content and the things to be placed in it are already given by an employer, then work on it as relevantly as possible. As a website designer it is important to know how to organize the contents that are given by an employer, requiring that a designer should be able to know what to place in a site which is relevant to the overall content of it.

Eye Catching but still Professional

            After learning the concept that the website will be revolving in, select a design that will work best with it. Look for a color scheme that is appropriate for the web content being worked at, either by choosing any two or three complementary colors or surfing the internet for a pattern that will be appropriate for the website design. Pre – designed templates will also work, now that there are available websites who offer specialized template designs in website designing.

No to Too Much Special Effect

            Special effects like rotating introductions take too long for download, and before it even begins, the user was already bored enough to exit the site. These kinds of effects will not be a hindrance if only to add appearance to the page, and make it more pleasant and interesting to look at, but too much of it will be very distracting and instead of focusing on the content a viewer would rather watch the effects play. In creating your background, make sure that it will not come out too glairy to be looked at, if your backdrop color plays between moss-green do not attempt to have texts that are dark as well.

Make Sure to Have a Handy Navigation System

            Usually, navigation bars are located on upper corners, and that is how people generally think it will be located. Placing navigation bars apart from the one on top in the bottom will save the users the time needed for them to scroll back on top. Even external links should be considered, making sure that they can be easily navigated to and from the website as well.

Search Feature and Content

In making websites, it is important to focus on the content and not on the design only. If the website will be about nature, it will be appropriate and more visitor-friendly if the website design is that of nature and wildlife not pink pastels and ribbons.

Making all the efforts in creating the website would be put to waste if the things a user is looking for cannot be found in the promised website, and so it is also important to have a search feature where it will no longer be bothersome for them to navigate in your website, especially if it is a huge site to find their way into.