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Misplaced Deadline…think first…


This is the first column i submitted for our school paper, and although i wrote something about it, it doesn’t definitely mean that I’ve perfected the art of time management, i get pretty schedule wrecked at times too… either way i still want you to enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it…

     We’ve always been particular to take notes of certain things we need to do. Reminders, just a flicker of recognition from a now distant memory.  No matter how  many times we try to let ourselves remember projects and homework to be done before that deadline, we always end up getting all crammed up with only one day left before the deadliest day we know of.

A friend once told me that she lost her flash drive, of course she got worried, more than just worried, and she wanted to be furious to someone just so she could put the blame to a concrete cause, a person. But she never really did get to put her blame to someone else, not because she was really one to blame and being too much furious with her flash drive getting‘stolen’??? from her, but because it was a huge misunderstanding (and to think she almost blamed for that). Her missing-slash-stolen flash drive was all but forgotten to have been placed on her bag’s secret pocket.                                                                                                                                  

It’s not everyday that a friend of yours would go on hysterics when looking for something. But it’s not uncommon too.

Two exams on Wednesday, an output to be submitted on Friday, a project on Tuesday, a group presentation on Thursday, and a seminar to attend to on Monday… Logically we are not superheroes to finish them all with a flick of a finger, Oh and also a ten paged reaction paper on the Climate Change Seminar, with 12 font size, Arial, and single spacing (talk about disaster-prone areas). It would take a lot of our eyebrows to finish them all in one go but it would only take a  few if we were able to plan and manage it all out in the first place.

It frequently occurs to students, and I am no exception to that. The two million dollar question is Why and How? I can’t advise about something I’m not really good at but here’s a point to ponder: If there’s a tiny part or a voice in your mind telling you to do this now and not later or take note of this so you won’t forget it in the near future. Trust me to trust that voice.

That’s your guardian angel trying to save you from mountains of work and loads of regret.